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Top 5 Places To Sky Dive

Looking for the right place to leap out of a plane so you can check skydiving off of your “Bucket List?” Nothing provides an adrenaline rush quite like this extreme recreational activity and competitive sport. Our Videosk.com extreme sports team researched the top 5 places in the United States to take a dive:
  1. Skydive Southwest Florida – Located 30 minutes from Cape Coral/Fort Myers in Punta Gorda, Florida. Scenic dropzone on the west coast of Florida where skydivers can experience amazing views of the Gulf of Mexico and Peace River.
  2. Skydive Perris – This dropzone is one of the only ones in the world with a SkyVenture wind tunnel on-site. Located in Perris, California.
  3. Skydive Long Island – Magnificent view of the Eastern Long Island beaches, Long Island Sound, the North and South Forks. On a clear day, you can even see the NYC skyline.
  4. Skydive Dallas – Skydive University campus with cafe, bunkrooms, freefly and RW load organizers. Landing areas for all levels of canopy flight.
  5. Skydive Arizona – Located in Eloy, Arizona, in between Phoenix and Tucson. Skydive Arizona is the place for skydivers of all skill levels and has the largest drop zones in the world.

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