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Mountain Boarding? You Heard That Right!

It’s summer time and you’re a snow-boarder with this great mountain that during the winter months was this fantastic ski resort but during the summer?  What do you do? Well get a board with some big wheels and ride it of course!   This was the problem and the solution when Mountain boarding was dreamed up and created.  Down trails or up ramps Mountain boards themselves are the summer time cousin of the snow board.  You have a long skateboard like plank with large trucks on the bottom fit with some wheels that are wide with plenty of rough tread for grip.  On top you have snowboard style bindings that grip your feet and ankles to the board.  And away you go!

There are so many terrains that a mountain board can ride that the number of events you could dream up for mountain boarding is quite limitless. Whether it’s riding a BMX track, Downhill bike trail, slope style park, or jumping in a skateboard park mountain boards are quite versatile. Even the name “Mountain boarding” has many names such as off road boarding, dirt boarding, or all terrain boarding. I think that it is by far the most versatile board sport available.

It was Morton Hellig who first started producing mountain boards commercially through his company Supercruiser Inc. The Decks of  mountain boards are generally 90 to 110 cm in length. They can be made from a number of materials depending on what activity they cater to including glass reinforced plastic, composite carbon, or pressed and laminated wood. The trucks of a mountain board attach to the bottom and are made larger and sturdier than skateboard trucks and they house the axle on which large wheels with a thick dirt tread sit. There are bindings on the top of the board that  hold the riders feet to the deck. Depending on the purpose of the deck the bindings used could be ratchet strap bindings, snowboard bindings, velcro bindings, or even just heel strap bindings.

As for the person riding the mountain board they will often times look like a motocross racer with their helmet and body armor on. If you were on snow or water you have a relatively soft landing compared, at least to the hard dirt or gravel landing a mountain board fall might incur. Elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards, and even padded shorts are also gear that are unofficially considered when racing on a mountain board.

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