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Summer Shark Fishing in Florida

Sharkweek, Sharkweek, Sharkweek. It’s one of my favorite weeks of the year. In celebration I thought it is only fitting to bring you one of the most dangerous and extreme sports to rock the Gulf of Mexico. Shark fishing. Typically May, June and July are the optimal months to book a shark fishing trip in the sunshine state as long as a  little humidity (and chance of afternoon storms) don’t bother you. In South Florida, the most common shark species are blacktip, bonnethead, hammerhead, lemon, tiger, spinner and bull.

Whether you choose to fish from a large party boat with 20 other anglers or elect to fish with a private charter captain, the process is basically the same.

  1. Target a wreck or reef at night
  2. Chum, chum, chum (using cut bait like bonita or ladyfish)
  3. Use steel leader and heavy tackle (40 lb test line

From world record class bulls, hammerheads and tigers to black tips and spinner sharks on light tackle or even throngs of Atlantic sharp nose, there is a shark fishing trip in Florida that can be customized for you. To ensure you make it back to the dock safely, do your homework and find a USCG licensed captain with plenty of experience.





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