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Looking for an extreme sport that is not too well known? Look no further than Limbo-skating. Limbo skating is a sport where the athlete drives on their roller skates underneath an obstacle (think small like under a car) without touching it. Yes that is right, without touching it. Impossible you might say? There are plenty of athletes who would tell you you’re wrong and which they have been training years for this lesser known sport.

While it might sound crazy (and I personally think it sounds a little crazy) this sport takes a lot of training. Aniket Chindak is one of the leaders in the sport, having started training when he was just 18 months old. Aniket trains for about 4 hours a day and has broken many world records.

Normally Limbo-skaters are on the shorter and petite side and being naturally flexible is a huge

LimboSkateBARCROFT_450x250 (1)

advantage. Most Limbo-skater athletes are younger than the average athlete due to the physical restrictions of Limbo-skating.  Please don’t try this sport at home, it’s not for amateurs. Aniket took three months of training to just be able to coerce his body into the proper position.

The video below is u Xue from China who currently holds the world record for the fastest time to limbo over 50 m (164 ft 0.5 in) is 7.974 seconds. Just watch it’s awesome! 

Source: Metro 

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