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Extreme Sport: Zorbing


Have you wanted to live out your inner desire of living like Bubble Boy or just wanted to roll down a hill in a giant plastic bubble? I haven’t really wanted to either, however Zorbing, which originated in New Zealand in 2000, does exactly that.

This sport sounds as bizarre as it really is. Oddee.com explains Zorbing as “a giant plastic ball, which has two skins, one inside the other. The person zorbing is in the area between the skins, which is pumped up with air. The middle ball effectively suspends them on a cushion of air 700mm off the ground and the ball is then rolled down a hill.”

Zorbing is normally done on a little hill but it can also be done on a flat surface, where you zorb is really of personal preference. If you’re more of a beginner you should probably start on a flat surface so you can have better control over the orb. If you live in an area that doesn’t have hills or slopes (like Southwest Florida), some courses have created ramps that you are rolled down.

It also can be considered a family sport. Some orbs have the option of harnesses and harnessed orbs can hold up to three riders. While zorbing is considered to be relatively safe there has been two reported deaths directly related to zorbing. We strongly encourage you to use extreme caution when considering Zorbing.


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