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Cliff Diving is CRAZY

iStock_000001955717SmallEvery felt the need for a high powered adrenaline rush? You should try cliff diving. While it might seem a little scary and a little crazy and a lot dangerous, it’s a lot of fun!  Cliff diving is defined as the “acrobatic perfection of diving into water from a high cliff”.  Divers brave the sharp and dangerous rocks and free fall upwards to 28 feet into the body of water below.
Cliff diving originated in the Hawaiian Island of Lana´i in 1770. According to Pngine.com, Kahekili, “the king, demanded that his men leap off high cliffs and enter the water feet first without a splash, to prove their courage and loyalty. Today, after centuries, the activity has expanded into a sport that is marked by immense courage, focus, thrill and risk”.

Cliff diving is definitely one of the riskier kinds of diving; hence, extreme caution is a must. Although this extreme sport doesn’t require any special equipment or safety harnesses, there has been some standards set to minimize risk factors. Some of these include the “height of the jump (23 – 28 meters for men, 18 – 23 meters for women), an ideal entering speed of 75 – 100 km/h, and a free fall time of 3 second” [Source: Pngine.com]. What most amateur cliff divers fail to realize is that cliff diving is a precision sport that requires impeccable timing and an intimate knowledge of the particular cliff on which you’re standing. One wrong move such as not landing feet first can end up seriously injuring or killing the diver.

Cliff divers travel all over the world to jump different cliffs. Some of these far destinations include Hawaii, Greece, Jamaica, Australia, Croatia and also Switzerland.

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